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Baguette  10

Garlic roasted baguette


Bruschetta  14

Topped with vine ripened tomatoes, basil, feta, balsamic reduction and olive oil


Soup of the Day  12


Salmon  18

Honey marinated salmon with beetroot puree, petit salad and ginger mayonnaise


AngusPure  18

Seared marinated fillet with sweet potato, coriander, radish, green onion and soy & ginger glaze


Prawns  19

Sautéed and tossed in a butter sauce with a hint of pernod. Plum tomatoes, kalamata olives, garlic and a little chilli. Served with crusty bread


Gnocchi  18

Potato and parmesan gnocchi with roasted capsicum, tomatoes, pumpkin and sage beurre noisette


Duck Liver Parfait  19

Red wine poached pear, date chutney and lavosh



Pork Belly  36

Twice cooked free range pork with celeriac puree, waldorf salad, potato beignet and apple cider jus


ANZCO Lamb Rump  36

Served with duck fat potato, baby vegetables, peas, feta, crumbed sweetbreads and mint lamb jus


Chicken  35

Free range chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella and spinach. Dauphinoise potato, roast vine tomato, mushroom and bacon sauce


Fish of the Day  36

Pan roasted with saffron infused potatoes, courgettes and braised fennel. Finished with a crustacean sauce and sauce vierge


Venison  40

NZ venison short loin served with kumara, red wine shallot, baby beets, wilted spinach, port jus and apple blackberry chutney


Mushroom Risotto  26

Prosciutto, baby rocket and shaved parmesan


Cajun Chicken Salad  24


Mixed greens, puffed quinoa, cherry tomatoes, red onion, avocado. Served with lime mayonnaise







     The Grill


       Eye Fillet                                     200g | 36

           The tenderest cut                        300g | 40


       Scotch Fillet                               300g | 36

           Award winning. Tasty and juicy


       Sirloin (Porterhouse)                300g | 34

           Full bodied, slightly firmer texture


       T-Bone                          500g | 45

           Sirloin on one side

           and a small fillet on the other


       OP Rib                                         500g | 44

           Scotch fillet served on the bone

           (30 minute cooking time)



           Salt and pepper prawns            4 prawns  8 



       All steaks served with seasonal vegetables, red wine jus 
      and your choice of potato and one sauce OR butter




    Potatoes                    Sauces                Butters



        Roasted garlic creamy mash           Béarnaise                              Sage, sea salt and roast garlic

        House fries                                      Horseradish                           Café de Paris

        Minted baby gourmet                      Green peppercorn                  Garlic

        Au Gratin with parmesan                Blue cheese                           Truffle


                                                                Mustards: Hot English,

      Wholegrain or Dijon




    Sides  6.5                                                5.5



        Steamed broccolini, roasted almonds & lemon olive oil              Aberdeen fries

        Baby peas, bacon, white wine                                                  Potato Au Gratin with parmesan

        Baby beets, hazelnuts, goat cheese                                           Minted Baby gourmet

        Panko crumbed onion rings with aioli                                         Roasted garlic creamy mash

       Roast garlic mushrooms                                                     

      Garden salad with raspberry vinaigrette                               

      Rocket, pear, walnut and parmesan salad








Blue Cheese
Green Peppercorn
Mustards: Hot English, Wholegrain, or Dijon


Sage, sea salt & roast garlic
Cracked pepper & rosemary
Red wine & shallot
Garlic butter


Creamy Mash
Homemade House Fries
Baby Benne
Au Gratin 

SIDES $6.50 each

Panko crumbed onion rings with aioli
Greek Salad
Roast garlic mushrooms
Rocket, walnut & parmesan salad
Seasonal vegetable medley with lemon herb vinaigrette
Aberdeen house fries