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The breed originated in Scotland in the areas of Aberdeenshire and Angus. For some time prior to the 1800s there had been cattle without horns in these areas and were called Angus doddies. Hugh Watson could be considered the founder of the breed, and was instrumental in selecting the best black, polled animals for his herd. His favourite bull was Old Jock (above), who was born 1842 and sired by Grey-Breasted Jock. Old Jock was given the number “1” in the Scotch Herd Book when it was founded. Another of Watson’s notable animals was a cow: Old Granny who was born in 1824 and said to have lived to be 35 years of age and produced 29 calves. A vast majority of Angus cattle alive today can trace their pedigrees back to these two animals.*

The first Aberdeen Angus were imported into New Zealand in 1863 by the Australian & New Zealand Land Company. This shipment included three bulls and four cows.

In 1906 Mr.HB Williams laid the foundations of the Turihaua Stud which is the oldest active stud in New Zealand today.

On the Wall you will see one of  Turihaua’s famous herd sires, Buster of Turihaua SN 340, 29046

*Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angus_cattle Left: Mr. FB Lowes, President 1920-1921



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